Choose An Updo Style For Your Wedding Day

-Your wedding day is an important day, and many people spend time thinking about how they want to look. When it comes to hair, an updo will not detract from your neckline or the back of your wedding dress, even after moving around the dance floor during your reception. Try out some basic or complex updos, and choose some accessories that will complement your wedding gown.

Try Various Styles

Your hairstyle whether will depend upon your taste and the amount of hair that you have to work with. You may want to go for a sleek and classic look, or you may want to try a more complex approach that will combine curls with volume, and possibly a braid or two.

If your hair is fine, shoulder-length, and you would like to add some volume to it before sweeping it onto the top of your head, use a volumizing hair product to add dimension or purchase a hair extension piece that contains wavy tendrils or a fancy bun. If you decide to purchase an extension, match it to your hair color and look through a series of wedding magazines or books that feature updo hairstyles for ideas.

The style that you choose can be executed by your beautician. Your beautician may suggest a practice session, which will involve either using your own natural hair to create an updo or adding the extension to try some styles that will be supportive of the additional hair strands.

You can change your look by framing your face with a few curls, or you can have a French twist or braid added to your hair. A braid that rests along the crown of your head can be used to add dimension to your style, without needing to rely upon a series of hair accessories.

Use Some Extras And Preserving Products

If you prefer to use hair accessories like butterfly clips, pearl-adorned headpieces, or decorative pins, they will accentuate your new updo and will help keep strands in place. Schedule a hair appointment on your wedding day and request that your hair is washed and conditioned, prior to having dead ends cut and the updo style performed.

You may be able to purchase some products at your beautician's salon, which will aid in preserving your hairstyle for many hours. Learn the techniques necessary to administer any products, and purchase some small-sized containers of the products. These can be neatly concealed inside of a small purse or clutch that you will be bringing along with you to the wedding chapel and reception venue.

For more information about hair styling ideas for your wedding day, reach out to a local beautician.

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