Trimming The Fat: Is Vaser Liposuction Right For You?

Liposuction is one of the more common cosmetic surgeries in the United States, ranking #2 in popularity just after breast augmentation as of 2016. But surgery can be invasive, scary, and always carries with it a risk of something going wrong. For stubborn fat that just won't leave, there might be a similar solution — that of vaser liposuction, a non-invasive treatment that promises the same — or better — results as its surgical cousin. So if you're wondering if vaser liposuction is for you, then here's what you need to know.

It's Loud

Well, perhaps not loud to your ears, but vaser liposuction does use high-frequency sound waves to do the job of dislodging and breaking apart fat cells, rather than manual manipulation like traditional liposuction. These sound waves are much gentler to the rest of your body than the manual breaking apart of fat cells, resulting in fewer bruises and less pain overall after the procedure finishes.

These sound waves are perfectly safe for your body, and are used much in the same way that an ultrasound works, paired with a saline solution (mixed with anesthetics, to dull any remaining pain) and aimed at the body part in question.

It's Controlled

Vaser liposuction gives your doctor more control than traditional liposuction, as they can target specific areas around muscles in your stomach, for example, and remove the appropriate amount of fat around those muscles to increase definition and overall aesthetic appeal. It also means that your doctor can control exactly where they want the sound waves to go, resulting is less damage to surrounding tissues.

This control can even lead to a few benefits, such as your doctor tightening the skin around the area and removing cellulite, leaving you not only with less fat in your body but also with an overall improved appearance.

It's Gentle

As mentioned above, vaser liposuction doesn't cause damage to your body and utilizes numbing agents to ensure that you have the most pain-free recovery possible, but those aren't the only reason that vaser liposuction is one of the gentlest cosmetic procedures available. Its lack of cutting means that you remove the risk of scars to your skin, and generally allows patients to return home a day or less after the surgery.

Generally speaking, the gentleness of the smart lipo procedure ensures that you can return to work (providing it's not physically taxing) within a handful of days, and the only real aftercare that you'll need involves the wearing of a pressure garment around the area from anywhere from two to six weeks.

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