Tired Of Drawing On Your Eyebrows? Why You Should Consider Microblading

The way that your eyebrows look can change the appearance of your entire face. You may have discovered this by experimenting with your own brows, sometimes letting them grow in thicker and other times shaping them down into a sleek arch that added a bit of mystery to your profile. However, years of cutting and shaping can take a toll on your brows, and there may come a period where it seems that most of the hair which used to make up your eyebrows is now gone. Although you might currently be drawing your brows on, find out why you should think about giving microblading a shot instead.

No More Smudged Brows

The problem with drawing on your brows is that sometimes you forget that you've done it. You decide to go hit the gym and get in a strenuous workout, only to look into the mirror and find brow makeup coursing down your face. It can be an embarrassing situation to be in, to say the least.

Microblading can make these types of situations a thing of the past. The procedure cuts through the first few layers of skin so it's not just a surface application. You'll be able to enjoy your workouts without having to worry about whether or not your brows will still be in place when you are done.

Microblading Looks Natural

It used to be very trendy for people to have their makeup tattooed on. You may have seen some individuals who had their eyebrows tattooed on their face. It often doesn't look very natural because it is so solid in its appearance. The brows aren't designed to look like a solid line. Rather, you want your brows to have a feathery, wafty appearance that is made up of a number of independent hairs.

Microblading helps you achieve that natural look that you long for. Instead of applying a solid block of color to your face, your aesthetician will use a row of blades to gradually color in the hairs of your brow. The end result is so natural-looking that even someone who is standing directly beside you would have a hard time determining whether the brows are homegrown or not.

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure so you can count on it to last for some time. Work with your technician to discuss the ideal shape for your particular facial construct so you can look as good as possible.

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