Are Braids Your Niche As A Hair Stylist? 3 Hair Care Tips To Share With Your Clients

Long, luxurious braids are one of the hottest hairstyles, and synthetic braiding hair allows you to help every client achieve the look that they desire. However, one of your most important responsibilities as a hair stylist is to make sure that your clients understand how to care for their braids. After all, carefully styled braids should last for many weeks if your client does not subject them to too much stress. As you carefully create your signature styles, be sure to share these braid care tips with every client to extend their happiness.

Wash With Caution

People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that synthetic braids do not require much maintenance. While you always want to buy synthetic braiding hair of the highest quality, your clients should be advised upon how to wash their hair to remove dirt and oils that build up over time without causing damage to the fibers. Each person's scalp and hair is different, but most people will need to wash their braids every one to two weeks. Show your clients how to focus on their scalp as they shampoo their hair, and let them know that a stocking cap can be used during washing to add further protection.

Make Sure to Moisturize

Your clients should also understand that synthetic hair does not absorb oils from the scalp in the same way that their natural hair does. Therefore, moisturizing is an essential part of their braid care routine. Provide your clients with suggestions for moisturizing products that work on both natural and synthetic hair. After the braids are styled, you can help your clients practice applying moisturizer so that it hits every surface of their hair that needs moisture.

Cover Braids Before Bedtime

Movements during sleep can lead to frizz, and your client's braids are susceptible to picking up lint from bedding that is hard to remove. Recommend that your clients wear a satin sleeping cap to bed or wrap a satin scarf around their head before going to sleep. Although your client may already use a satin pillowcase, a cap is better for keeping moisture in the synthetic hair.

When you watch a client leave your salon with gorgeous braids, it is natural to hope that they return with their hair still in good shape. By making sure that every client who leaves your chair knows how to maintain the lovely look that you styled, you can increase client satisfaction and look forward to more return business.  

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