How To Clean Your Glass Nail File

Glass nail files, also known as crystal nail files, can last a long time and provide a better filing of your nails and callouses than other types of files. However, it is important that you care for your glass file appropriately to get the best use out of it. Below are ways you can clean and maintain your glass file after various types of usage. 

After Every Use 

After every use, you should clean the file of filings. The easiest way to do this is to run the file under lukewarm water and then tap it on a soft towel to dry. It is not necessary to use soap after every use, but if you notice a buildup of oils, you may want to use a drop of hand soap or dish soap on your file. It is not necessary to soak the file in most cases. 

Some individuals prefer to clean their glass files in the dishwasher. Just make sure your file is dishwasher safe before putting it in the dishwasher. Plain files are usually dishwasher safe, but those with gems and inlays are often not appropriate for a dishwasher. 

Between Users or After Problematic Use

If you share the file between multiple users or if you have a fungus or ingrown nail, it is important to sanitize the file between uses. There are several ways to sanitize the file. The easiest way is to wipe the surface down with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol or peroxide. Alternatively, you can boil the file, or steam it for over a minute in a steam sterilizer. If you have a UV box, you can also sterilize the file under UV lights. 

It is important to rinse any filings off the file before you sterilize it. 

If You Notice a Buildup 

If you notice a buildup of filings, which may occur when you are using the file to soften callouses, it may require more than rinsing to remove the buildup. In this case, you should use a soft brush to remove the buildup. You can buy a special file brush, or you can use a medium or hard bristled toothbrush to remove the buildup. When using a brush, you should apply a drop of soap to the brush, rub it on the file thoroughly, and then rinse the file until there is no more soap or debris left on it. 

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