Is It Okay To Use The Fat From Liposuction For Breast Augmentation?

Many people want to enhance their bust lines, but some want to do so without using silicone or saline implants. As a way of killing two birds with one stone, people often ask about using the fat from their liposuction procedures as filler for breast augmentations. While this may seem like a good choice — after all, breasts are composed primarily of fat anyway — here are a few reasons why this procedure may not be right for your needs.

The Increase is Temporary

The primary issue with using fat transplants to increase breast size is the effect is often temporary. Only up to about 60 percent of the implanted fat remains; the rest is reclaimed by the body over a period of time. This means your breasts will shrink after awhile, and you will need to have the procedure redone to achieve your previous results. Alternatively, the doctor may compensate for this by injecting more fat into the breasts than is actually needed.

Additionally, you can also lose the transplanted fat in your breast if you lose weight for any reason, and the fat may not return if you regain the pounds. Therefore, it's best to have this procedure done after weight loss and/or when your weight has stabilized.

Only Mild Results Possible

Another challenge associated with transplanted fat is it can only be used to increase breast size by a small amount. typically one cup size. This is because your breasts can only hold so much fat before the body reclaims or moves it to other places in the body. Therefore, if you're looking to jump several sizes, a fat transfer may not be the best option. Instead, you may be better served going with saline or silicone implants.

There May Not Be Enough Fat Available

Lastly, you may not have enough fat available for the procedure, which can limit how large you can increase your breast size. If you're already slender and only want to use liposuction to spot treat a few troublesome areas, there may not be enough fat in those areas to help you achieve the results you want. Unfortunately, you cannot harvest fat from another person and successfully inject it into your breasts. Your body would reject it as foreign tissue, leading to other health consequences.

But even if you have quite a bit of fat, the doctor is typically limited in how much can be safely extracted at any one time, typically around 6 to 8 pounds per session. This may seem like a lot. However, the fat must be processed for use as supplemental breast tissue first, and not all of it will survive the procedure or be appropriate for use.

Before undergoing either liposuction or fat-transfer breast augmentation, discuss the issue with a qualified healthcare provider to ensure you are a good candidate for both procedures and that you'll get the outcome you want. For more information about spot treating stubborn areas using liposuction, contact a cosmetic surgeon. Talk with a doctor from a clinic like la plastic surgery and dermatology for more help.

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