Understanding The Difference Between Moles And Skin Tags

Most people assume that when you are watching moles for signs of skin cancer, you are supposed to be watching those large, raised, darkly-colored bits of wiggly flesh. They are not watching what looks like a large freckle. Then they are more than surprised to find that the wiggly bits of flesh are not moles at all, and that they actually have skin cancer via a large "freckle." These wiggly bits of flesh are actually called "skin tags," while the large "freckles" are in reality moles. To help you understand the differences between these two skin markers and how to identify skin cancer, the following information is provided.

Skin Tags

Big, lumpy, reddish brown to black, fuzzy, soft, squishy, wiggly, and even with a single hair protruding from the center describes the range of skin tags. These skin oddities are called skin tags because they have a "stalk" that attaches to your skin. If you grab a skin tag and pull it away from your skin, you can see that it is attached to the flesh by this stalk. In this state, it reminds you of a tag on clothing; something that can be easily clipped. 

If you have a lot of skin tags, they can make you feel self-conscious as they are not exactly the most attractive things to have. Thankfully, they can be clipped in an in-office procedure in your doctor's office. They are cut from the bases of their stalks, and then the wounds are often cauterized with silver nitrate sticks. They are very rarely cancerous, even though most doctors will test them for malignant cells anyway.


Moles look like large, slightly raised freckles. People who have freckles may not even realize that they have moles because they have so many freckles in and around the moles. Moles that change shape and/or color such that they do not resemble large freckles anymore are exactly what you should be looking for and watching carefully. 

Moles that appear and appear different are carefully excised (cut) from the surface of the skin. Your doctor will only do this if the mole looks particularly abnormal. Skin cancer can start with a normal mole, but change rapidly. Moles that never change shape or color are of no concern to your doctor. Only the ones that change their appearance or begin to grow larger are a major concern. Talk to doctors at facilities like the Center Of Dermatology PC/Herschel E Stoller MD about skin cancer treatment if it is discovered that you have one or more malignant moles

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